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With a multitude of accomplishments to his credit, Alvin “Alabama” Lovett is a believer who gives back to the people and supports communities where he lives and works. As the top salesman at Car Pros KIA of Carson, the #1 KIA dealership in the country, Alabama has been able to change people’s lives for the better. One of the reasons that he has been able to excel at his job, and in life, is because he truly cares about helping people. And, to that end, Alabama has become the moral compass for Car Pros KIA of Carson.

Recognized by several organizations for his selfless caring and sharing, Alabama has humbly received numerous accolades, awards and commendations for giving his time, energy, talent and personal finances to Southern California communities in need.

Among his beneficiaries are The City of Carson, whose Black Chamber of Commerce recently honored him as the Guru of Auto Sales and Community Services. The Mayor and City Council of Carson recognized Alabama for Outstanding Customer Service to its citizens. He co-sponsored several events, including the July 4th Celebration, the Juneteenth Celebration and the Jazz Festival. He has supported the Athletic Department at Carson High School and been involved with their Women’s Club Scholarship. The City of Carson has been proud to have Alabama as a significant tax revenue generator, as well as the city’s biggest ambassador, bringing a huge amount of visitors to the area.

Recently, Alabama initiated a partnership between two powerful leaders and their awesome organizations: Ken Phillips, Owner and President of Car Pros KIA of Carson, and Phil Wilson, President and CEO of The Black AIDS Institute, the leading HIV/AIDS voice in Black America. This collaboration creates one of the biggest AIDS awareness efforts ever to be launched, and it is coming right out of the City of Carson.

Learn more about Alabama including his walk accross the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma that later lead to the Voter Rights Act of 1965. Alabama was an early pioneer campaigning for MLK Day celebration.

"If you miss Alabama you miss a good friend"

"If you miss Jesus Christ you miss everything"


Alabama was also honored by U.S. Bank, Gardena, as a Business Partner of the Month for the past two years, and received the Pearl Award for assisting Long Beach veterans. For several years, he donated a van which was used to transport homeless people in South Central and Watts.

Much of Alabama’s philanthropy happens behind the scenes and outside of the public spotlight. Among the recipients of his unsung efforts are:


Kwanza Celebration

Black Aids Institute

Alabama gives back in his efforts to partner with The Black Aids Institute.


Unites State Congress

Reprensentative Maxine Waters

Alabama received recongnition for Congresswoman Maxine Waters serving California 43rd district.


Big Boy

Representing Radio Station 92.3

Big Boy shouts out Alabama at Car Pros Kia Carson.


City of Carson elected officials

Community Service Award

Alabama receives the Community Service Award for the City of Carson at a special ceremony.


Drive Out Aids

Win A 2016 Kia Forte

Alabama partnered with the Drive Out Aids organization to donate a 2014 Kia Forte. The winner is happily pictured. You can Win a 2016 Kia Forte.


Beloved Monique

Alabama and Monique

Alabama is pictured with his wife Joyce Ross-Lovett and Monique with her spouse.


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